How to Add a Special Address in Our Client Portal

At Splendid Credit, we want to make it as easy as possible to manage your tradeline orders. That's why we created our Client Portal, a one stop shop to track, view and manage the entire process. There are many actions you can complete inside of the portal, but in this blog post we want to dive deep on one of the important Actions: Adding a Special Address. For a more complete overview of what you'll find inside of the portal, check out this guide.

Before we illustrate how to add a special address in the client portal, let's discuss why the special address is necessary in the first place.

What’s a special address? Why is it important?

A special address is the address associated with the tradeline you are buying or adding to your credit profile. By having the same address on file, this allows for the tradeline to be associated with the user. 

When should I add the special address?

The special address needs to be added 3-5 days after your tradeline’s statement date. For example, if the statement date on the tradeline that you purchased is 5/22, you would need to add the address between 5/25 and 5/27 for the tradeline to post and work properly.

How To Add a Special Address

Step 1: Login to the Client Portal (Powered by Qandid)

New Portal

If there is an action that needs to be taken on any of your tradeline orders, you will receive an email that includes a link to login to the portal. Inside is where you will see all of the actions you need to take - including adding a special address. You can login the the Client Portal at any time using an email and password.

Step 2: View your Actions in the Dashboard

Add Address Portal

After you login to the client portal, you will see the dashboard. Here, you will notice Actions that require your attention. If you see "Add Address" under the Actions column, this means a special address is required for this particular order.

Step 3: Add the Special Address to Your Credit File (Example: Experian)

You will need to add the special address for your order to your credit file through your credit monitoring service, such as Experian, IdentityIQ, and others. It is as easy as swapping the information you have on “Account Details” or “Personal Info” where you entered your personal address and typing in the special address we provide you with. Please select Yes if it asks if you have lived at this address for 6 months or more.

Experian Special Address Desktop Special Address Experian Mobile App

Once you have updated the address, take a screenshot of the contact information section that reflects the new address. You will be required to provide this screenshot to us. Leave the updated special address on your profile until the tradeline posts.

If you have any questions about adding the address to your credit monitoring service, please reach out to us through our Website Live Chat and we will guide you through the process.

Step 4: Confirm Your Updated Special Address in the Client Portal

Now that you have successfully updated your special address in your credit file, it is time to upload your screenshot to the client portal! Simply select the order from the Actions Tab that requires the address, confirm your details and upload your screenshot.

Add Special Address Splendid Portal

Once you select Submit, you have now completed the action. You can continue to track the status of your order inside the Tradeline Status Tab in the Portal Dashboard. If any additional actions are required, you will receive an email.

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